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Though Facebook Messenger is not a new feature for Windows 10 Mobile, the first version is was starting to get old. The new version is in fact a universal app, and this means that it can also be used on the desktop version of the OS.

Many Windows 10 mobile users have been expecting this change, especially because it is very useful. In fact, the app ports from the iOS version, so it’s not created mainly for the platform. For now it’s a beta version available for testing, but as it seems until now, there are only a few bugs.

There are many interesting features the app brings. You can know receive notifications so that you don’t miss any messages you have. Also, you can have a live tile for seeing whatever messages are waiting, which is a very useful addition. A feature that many people have been requesting has finally been added here, so you can now send videos, photos, GIFs and many others.

Stickers have also been introduced to this app, and now all the conversations are livelier and more interesting. You will also see when the other person has seen your message and you can now create people for the contacts you text most. The groups can have photos and you can name them however you want. Moreover, you can forward messages or media to other photos that were not in the conversation in the first place. The search feature has also been improved, you can now quickly search for groups and people in order to text them faster.

This version of the app, launched for the first time for Windows 10, has had some really positive reviews both from fans and from critics, which shows it’s a well done app.

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