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Candy Crush is an addictive match-three puzzle game played by people of all ages on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10. The gameplay is simple: gamers match a combination of 4 or 5 candies in order to obtain special candies such as “Stripped”, “Wrapped” or “Color Bomb” candies and everyone loves the last ones, because they remove all candies with the same color of the one it is matched with. This is why players want to obtain as many color bombs as possible, but when they run out of moves (lives), they either need to wait for a refill or to purchase new ones. However, in this article, we’ll explain you how to get free lives.

Color Bombs can be obtained by matching five or more candies of the same color in a row or column, and by swapping color bombs with any available candy on the board, you’ll be able to clear all candies of that color. So, if you want to increase your chances to obtain color bombs, watch for pairs of matching candies and find a way to bring them closer to another pair, then close the gap to create five candies of the same color, in a row. Once you make color bombs, it’s more fun to use them, as by combining them with a stripped candy, you will turn every candy of that color into a stripped candy and you’ll activate all of them. When combining a color bomb with another color bomb, you will clear every candy and get rid of the layer of blockers. By combining color bombs with a jelly fish, you’ll get three dotted fish that will eat three candies, turning them into another three jelly fish. And finally, by combining a color bomb with a Coconut Wheel, you’ll get a line of wrapped candies.

Unlimited Free Lives

If you’re playing Candy Crush from a mobile device and you’re running out of lives, mess up with the settings of your iPhone, by going to Setting > General > Date & Time and switching “Set Automatically” to Off. Set the time a few hours forward and your lives will be refilled. If you use an Android device, follow the same steps, but uncheck Automatic date & time and set the time a few hours forward, and this will get you free lives.