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Many Pokemon fans are eagerly waiting for Pokemon Sun and Moon to be released, but not everybody knows what to expect for these much-awaited installments to the franchise. Fortunately, for those who want to know the games inside out, they can do so by buying the official guide for it.

Titled the Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon: Official Collector’s Edition Guide, the guide will give players a detailed walk-through of the games and provide locations of where they can catch Pokemon. It will also have a list of moves, items, and other things and provide tips on how players can obtain them. The guide will have a pullout map (which will help players find their way around the regions in the game) and come with bonus content that can only be found in the Collector’s Edition.

The Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon: Official Collector’s Edition Guide is published by The Pokemon Company International and will be available in hardcover. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon at $23.99 and will be released on November 18 — the same day that the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be made available to the public.

This is a great move from The Pokemon Company since most gamers (particularly those who haven’t played Pokemon video games in the past) will surely want to have a guide that will help them get around the game. The fact that the guide will be released on the same time as the game is good news for fans, considering that Pokemon X and Y didn’t get a guide until after the two games were released.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is still a few months away, but fans fortunately don’t have to wait that long to get official details about the games. The Pokemon Company had announced on Twitter that they will be releasing new information about the games on June 2, and everyone is looking forward to that.

It’s not yet clear what The Pokemon Company will reveal but, as always, many fans and avid gamers already have a theory. According to MobiPicker, the Company might announce the names of the legendary Pokemon that would be introduced in Sun and Moon. (There are already rumors that these Pokemon would be named Solgaleo and Lunaala.) The Pokemon Company might also talk about the starter evolutions (people believe that Rowlet will remain as Grass/Flying while Litten and Popplio might evolve into Fire/Ground and Water/Fighting Pokemon, respectively). Of course, the Company is expected to give details about the new Pokemon and locations that Sun and Moon would introduce.