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Up until now, lots of people who tested Windows 10 were quite unhappy because they couldn’t synchronize their notifications on their Android phone to the OS on the PCs. Last month, Microsoft took into account this issue and enabled users to connect their Android notifications to the PCs that were running the newest version of Windows. Since the company seems to be receptive at what people are needing, they are now updating the same feature for the Windows 10 mobile users.

Testers have noticed that on the latest preview of the Windows 10 mobile version (which is build 14356) they can enable their notifications to sync with the PCs. However, both the device and the computer will need to run the latest versions of the OS, even if it is the test one. For Android users, keep in mind that you will need to install the most recent version released for Cortana, and only after that you will be able to use this feature.

In fact, Microsoft has been using Cortana both for the mobile and the desktop version of Windows 10, in order to be able to sync the notifications. What’s even more exciting is the fact that you will be able to reply to some of the notifications you will receive right from your computer. Another great features is the sending photo one: you will just have to say the words “send this photo to my PC” and Cortana will deliver the photo to the PC. There is also a new animation that appears when Cortana is recording your voice.

Fans will be happy to know that all the features presented above, as well as other very interesting ones, will be available when the Anniversary Update will be released towards the end of July both for phone and computer owners of Windows 10.