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There have been many rumors lately surrounding the announcements that Rockstar – the company responsible for the GTA franchise – will make at the E3 events. GTA fans expect it to either reveal information about the next GTA installment or present a sequel for the Red Dead Redemption game. However, most fans are more concerned with what the GTA 6 will be like and have begun to speculate heavily on where it will be set.

Apparently, many believe that it will be set in the city of Oklahoma. Here are some reasons GTA fans have stated that make Oklahoma a likely city to be featured in the future GTA 6.

Firstly, Oklahoma is considered the 10th most dangerous city in America, with a very high rate of violent crime and gang related violence. It’s also placed on a Texan – Mexican corridor riddled with human smuggling and trafficking. Many illegal immigrants coming from Mexico sometimes stop in Oklahoma. So, given these crime related aspects specific to the State of Oklahoma, fans have suggested that it would be an appropriate setting for the next GTA installment.

A potential story could involve events related to Oklahoma’s gang and human trafficking activity and it could be built around rival gangs that use companies as covers for human smuggling or money laundering. Another possible scenario in the game could be related to stopping a 1995 domestic terrorist bombing that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killed 168 people and injured 700, but that is quite unlikely as it would have to be done in a very tasteful and respectful manner.

But for all its crime rate appeal, Oklahoma, is not very iconic in terms of landmarks and has a very unfavorable geography for a genuinely outstanding GTA setting. It would basically feature the city, smaller settlements found around it, suburban neighborhoods and woodland and these would certainly make up a very unappealing GTA map.