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If you thought everything you say is private, you must think twice. As it seems, Google keeps track of everything you have ever said around your phone or device for years. However, you can listen to it and even delete it if you want.

Apparently, the recording function can be activated simply by saying something within the device’s range. This is how Google starts recording many conversations people are having, even if they are not talking on the phone or texting. The official excuse is the act that many device let you search for things inside your phone by voice, and so Google needs to record language in order to make their language recognition software better, for more accurate results whenever you look for something.

Even so, there is a simple way to listen and to delete all the information, thankfully. There is a special page, the Google history page, where you can check all the recordings associated with you. There are separate pages, one for audio recordings and the other for web-related activities. On the second page you will see all the records Google has of you being online.

This portal has been introduced barely last year in June and it has been extremely active since then. Probably, this means that your device has been recording all sorts of things you said, whether they were private or not, all, of course, for the purpose of a better service.

It can be used as a diary, since probably you don’t even remember all the things you said. But you should also see it as a reminder of being careful around your devices and with what info you are transmitting and where.