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Bethesda has released the third add-on for Fallout 4, “Far Harbor”, on May 19th, but players were not very happy how the game ran on their PS 4 consoles and they complained on forums about the flaw. The developer has re-released the DLC pack and advises players to re-download the Far Harbor in order to get rid of the issue.

There were many Fallout 4 players who were waiting for the release of the “Far Harbor” DLC pack, but they had serious performance problems with PS 4, although there were also complaints from players on Xbox One console as well. Bethesda was informed about the issue and promised to fix the flaw as soon as possible, but the patch never came. Instead, players have received an update version of the add-on, which can be downloaded from the North American PlayStation Store. This means that they will re-download “Far Harbor”, but at least the performance issues will be fixed.

Unfortunately, there is also a problem with a poor frame rate and Polygon gave some guidelines on how to run the update:

– Players will confirm that Fallout 4 is not running, so they’ll highlight the game title on the PS dashboard, they’ll press Options and select Close Application. This way, they will make sure that the game is not running when it’s being minimized;

– Then, they’ll select Related Items, which will be found under the Fallout 4 icon from the PS4 dashboard.

– They’ll select My Add-Ons and head to the download arrow located next to Far Harbor and select it. They will be notified that Far Harbor has been Added to Downloads;

– They’ll wait until the content finishes downloading and installing, then they will start Fallout 4.

We remind you that “Far Harbor” has introduced new creatures and enemies such as Trappers, Feral Ghouls, Anglers, Gulpers, Fog Crawlers, Giant Hermit Crabs and Wolves.

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