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Clash of Clans is one of the most played games on mobile devices. It seems that Supercell has finally released an “optional update” that fixes the annoying “excessive notifications” that have been added to the game in the Clash of Clans May Update.

Many players have been complaining about messages such as: “Oops, did you forget to train your army?” and “Your troops need a leader”. Other players say that there are some annoying notifications regarding spells and even if you are out of Elixir or in the middle of an upgrade timer, the notification will still pop-up.

Thanks to the new update, Supercell has limited these notifications updates to once every 12 hours. We think that this change is good and that it will make many Clash of Clans gamers very happy. However, there are still some players who will prefer to use some tools in order to completely or partially block these notifications.

However, if you are an iPhone user, then you should know that you will NOT be able to filter notifications from Clash of Clans without blocking *ALL* notifications from the game. If you want to block all notifications from Clash of Clans, head to your device’s Settings->Notifications->Clash of Clans.  However, by doing this, you will lose ALL the important notifications that will inform you when your army is ready for battle or when the hero countdown timers are up.

Android users are a bit luckier, as they are able to use a combination of tools such as Notification Listener and Tasker in order to filter useless notifications from Clash of Clans by using some keywords to block the ones that you don’t want.

What are your thoughts about the optional update that has been released for Clash of Clans? Will you update your game or you don’t find these notifications annoying?