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There are rumors going on that iOS 9.3.3 has been jailbroken. But, as it turns out, it was just the work of Luca Tedesco, the same guy who made everyone’s mouth water by showing a jailbroken iOS 9.3, but never spilling out the details. He posted another video for jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 successfully. But, as is usually the case, only he knows how to do it.

No major public tool has been released. And, as always, if it is not an official released by any of the jailbreaking team, such as Pangu and TaiG, it is likely to be a hoax. So yes, the only legitimate jailbreak that is available until now is iOS 9.1 that was released a long time ago by any jailbreak fans’ standards. Rumors about no other jailbreak following its footsteps are reinforced by speculations that jailbreaking teams are skipping the rest of iOS 9 entirely, and just jumping to iOS 10, which will be launched along with the release of iPhone 7 later this year.

But fans are still hoping this wouldn’t be the case even if iOS 9 .3 jailbreak is unlikely to happen. There’s still hope with iOS 9.3.3. After all, the code exists if Luca Tedesco is to be believed by jailbreaking his iPhone successfully. This alone is encouraging enough.

But it is also a fact that no other jailbreak version has surfaced since the last one was released in October last year.

OS     Jailbreak Tool

9.0     Pangu9

9.0.1  Pangu9

9.0.2  Pangu9

9.1     Pangu9

9.2     N/A

9.2.1  N/A

9.3     N/A

9.3.1  N/A

9.3.2  N/A

As shown above from the iPhone Wiki on Jailbreak, every iOS 9 after iOS 9.1 has yet to be broken, with the blaring N/A telling you it’s na-ah for them.

So the best thing everyone can do is wait and avoid falling into traps that malicious individuals set up for jailbreaking fans. Instead of a jailbreaking tool, they end up with a malware. So avoid any websites that claim to have the tools to jailbreak your iOS device. There is nothing new available to date.

Don’t pay to have your iOS device jailbroken either. This is because jailbreaking tools have always been free. But going on for so long without any new jailbreak, no one can blame you for buying the first one sold to you.

So, yes, iOS 9.3.3 has been jailbroken, but the code is not available to the public, and iOS 9.3.1 is still a no-go.