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When Microsoft bought Nokia, it stopped the release of any new Nokia Asha phones. However, WhatsApp developers still released updates with 2.16.6 being the latest. The update is geared toward Symbian 40 phones with a new security option that can be found through Settings, Account and Security.

WhatsApp will no longer support Blackberry, Nokia Asha or other iOS and Android version by year’s end. However, the application is still usable on the platforms. WhatsApp will continue to update its app until year’s end.

People who have installed the update will notice they have the ability to enable or disable their security notifications. They are also notified with a security code that contact has changed. It’s a 1Kb installation file with more than 450 modified files. With so many files being altered, it’s proof that developers tirelessly worked on bettering the app’s speed and performance.

While many bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved, they’re still no Voice Calling feature available. And, it’s unlikely Nokia users will have this ability.

The WhatsApp 2.16.6. sis file can be found and downloaded from the app store. However, if users want to use the beta updates, they’ll need to manually download the files from Once downloaded, users will need to tap the file so the installation process will start.

WhatsApp is about a billion active users, but only a minute number of folks use the Nokia Asha smartphone.