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In the UK, there are many wireless internet hotspots, allowing phone owners to connect to the internet and send messages or make voice calls for free, to their friends who installed the same application. So, instead of paying a pricey phone contract, WhatsApp users prefer to connect to wireless internet hotspots and chat for free.

Some people like to buy expensive phones (Samsung Galaxy or iPhone), but they don’t have all money to cover the total price of them and this luxury determines them to opt for a monthly contract. In the UK, mobile carriers have plans priced between £20 and £50, which offer unlimited minutes, texts and mobile data, but more data means more money, no matter if we’re talking about 3G or 4G connections.

Let’s say that you want to buy an iPhone 6 with a two-year contract and a monthly subscription of £30. In the end, you’ll pay £720, with £260 more than if you’d buy the device without a contract. So, why is it more advantageous to spend £459 on an iPhone 6 and to not be stuck with a contract? Well, there are plenty messaging applications such as WhatsApp, FaceTime or Google Hangouts which allow you to make calls and send messages over WiFi. This means that you will get away without a network contract if you spend more time at home and you’re connected to your wireless network.

But, when you leave your home and want to check your WhatsApp messages for free, you must head to a place with a WiFi hotspot, such as a restaurant, hotel or coffee shop, where you will have access to the internet and benefit from fast speeds. Even on the London Underground you’ll be able to check your WhatsApp account for free, as trains feature the-road internet.

Soon, everyone will browse the internet for free, as Virgin Media is planning to fit wifi into pavements, and provide speeds of up to 166Mbps, which is seven times the average broadband speed in the UK.