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The popularity of the SIMS, a videogame series published by Electronic Arts (EA), has led to the sale of over 175 million copies worldwide. Basically, it provides an interactive and fun environment designed to enable players to carve and form personalities that redirects real-life situations and form relationships. Players also learn to have fun creating homes and perform regular tasks.

However, the new version of SIMS that has been greatly anticipated by fans has yet to be released. SIMS 5 will follow the late 2014 release of the SIMS 4. In the latest version, players will be able to import the goods and the house from one location to another. Due to the success of the recent release, fans are looking forward to the sequel that should have advanced features.


The SIMS 5 is rumored to have a vibrant animation graphics and high-quality simulation mode and characters. In comparison to the previous version, the style of the characters can be modified that goes with the hair color with a variety of hairstyles to choose from. Overall, it will have features that fans will surely love.

Nevertheless, there were negative ratings and reviews made to the SIMS 4, which made serious impact to its sales. Thus, EA told the media that it will release the next installment on the basis of the performance of its predecessor.

Release Date

It is expected by the gamers that the creation of the new SIMS will commence in 2015, which signifies the continuation of the series. Thus, fans of the SIMS franchise has expected a lot of added features for the new series which they have conveyed on the official SIMS forum website.

However, since an announcement is yet to be made as to when the design will begin, the official release date has not been declared yet. On the basis of its latest release though, it is expected to be on the market by 2019.

What’s New?

A lot of fans have their own wish lists as to what they are expecting out of this new SIMS series. Well, without further ado, here are just a few of the expected features of the new SIM 5 when released.

  • Customizable facial expressions
  • Enabling body modifications through 3D options
  • Improved details about the surroundings of the house using 3D graphics mode
  • Much improved parking areas for easier car parking, with customizable garage door
  • Customizable house features such as addition of basement and stairs
  • Doors and windows will have new decorations with different types of frames and knobs
  • Sound effects and animation through enhanced 3D animation and graphics