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Android Wear is a hot topic nowadays – and we know why. Simply put, the wearable Androids are slim, shiny and amazingly useful. Just because of that (and a lot of other things), they are getting everyone’s attention.

What started as the Apple Watched has turned to an entire revolution of portable watches, armbands and whatnot more. Today was a big day for Android Wear – with the new Outlook app design.

microsoft outlook android wear

The New Microsoft Outlook Gets A Nice Revamp

Keep looking at your watch. Just keep looking at it.

This is the feeling many Android Wear users have after installing the newest Microsoft Outlook app. Why?

Well, the app just got a zillion times better. More precisely, Microsoft announced a new version of its mobile Outlook mail and calendar app. Now, you are able to do more than only checking emails or looking at your schedule. The Outlook for Android Wear got revamped and features a new watch face – powerful enough to stay surfaced on your smartwatch screen at all times.

microsoft outlook android wear

Other great features of the brand new Microsoft Outlook for Android Wear include a special view at your daily events, inbox notifications and message interactions – just as you would on an Android phone from the default screen of the smartwatch.

These are some of the faces that you can fit on your watch. Hey, they can even match your wardrobe choices!

microsoft outlook for android wear
The skin modes on Microsoft Outlook.

What Does The Future Hold For The Microsoft Outlook – And The Android Watch?

There have been some rumors about Microsoft’s plans in the future regarding the Outlook app. As you may have heard before, Microsoft acquired the email app named Acompli recently, the calendar app named Sunrise and the to-do list app Wunderlist over the past two years.

Since then, Acompli became the new mobile Outlook, and the two other apps are slowly blending in the newest Outlook. These are all strong signs that Microsoft has plans for a unified productivity app in the future. And definitely great news for every Android Wear fan.

With this, we are sure that Microsoft is more than computer software – but a giant entering the world of wearables – one app at a time.