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According to reports, Facebook Messenger will receive end-to-end encryption. We remind you that this feature has been available on the WhatsApp application since a few months ago. In concordance with some sources close to the popular social network, the encryption feature for Facebook Messenger will most likely be released for all its 900 million users worldwide.

If you don’t know what end-to-end encryption means, then we’ll tell you that any videos, files, pictures or text messages that you will send via the application will be scrambled in a way that only you and the recipient will be able to view/hear/access them.

Encryption has become very popular among all messaging applications. At the same time, users are very happy to know that their messages are not being read by the app developer or by the hackers. At the same time, it prevents the hosting company from handing over contents of messages to any sources such as governments.

We remind you that FBI has been requesting Apple to give them access to the data on an iPhone owned by radical California gunman Syed Farook. Back then, Apple has refused to give out such information, saying that it believed encryption was the only way to keep the customers’ data private and secure.

Well, in a short period, we will see more and more mobile messaging applications that will start featuring end-to-end encryption. When an application offers end-to-end encryption, users feel more secure and they would prefer to use an application that uses this feature that protects their conversations.

Our privacy is very important and it is better to stay secure instead of finding out that your personal information, photos and other stuff are getting into the hands of the wrong people.

What are your thoughts about the end-to-end encryption? Do you trust applications that promise to protect your data no matter what?

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