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Do you love reading pages online? I mean, really reading? Do you have a ritual of web-digesting with your morning coffee?

If yes is your answer, Google Chrome is definitely the best browser to read on. And if you are wondering why, it’s mostly because of its customization – and the great extensions.

Speaking of extensions, great reading is definitely possible – even in the crowded web pages. We are posting the three ultimate life-savers for your online reading that will help you read in a better and more organized way.

Readability For Chrome – For Clutter-Free Online Reading

If you hate the website elements popping in and out while you are reading and therefore disturbing you, there is an answer.

Readability for Chrome is an extension you can use to enjoy clutter-free reading. It basically removes all the unnecessary parts of a website and lets you focus on what’s important – plain text and images. The ‘Readability’ mode is definitely something that everyone needs in their lives every once and then – and when there is an important blog post or article.

EasyReader For Chrome – For Comfortable Online Reading

EasyReader is another great Chrome reading extension that lets you enjoy your reading online. It prioritizes the readable content and once again removes all the clutter around it. There are some great features you can play with as well, customizing the color and fonts of your articles – or even changing the page background and use a selected image of your choice instead.

Read Mode – For Pleasant Online Reading

Read Mode is the mode your Chrome needs. It is the pleasant reading mode everyone deserves once in a while – without ads or flash animations while on-page and fully focused on the text.

Read Mode works in a simpl way. You need to install the extension, click on the glass icon in the Web address field and ‘Voila’ – your website is now transformed in your favorite online reader. You can even customize it to black and white.

Deactivating Read Mode is simple – with a click on the glass icon once again.

So in the end, you can finally get rid of the web clutter with only your Chrome – and any of these powerful extensions. Happy reading!