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Android KitKat users are dealing with two annoying error messages: “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” and “ has stopped unexpectedly”. They’re both related to the same problem: when an application is unable to connect to servers, is not in sync or has times out. Luckily, there are solutions to fix the issue and below, we’ll tell you what to do.

Clear App Cache

Since the problem is related to a particular application, you’ll see the error message popping up only when trying to launch it. In this case, it’s recommendable to clear cache by going to Settings > Apps and tapping the application in question, then on the following page, you’ll tap Clear cache. If this solution doesn’t work, you might consider clearing the data for that application, too, and in this case, you should back up your application, because you will lose important information such as conversations or game progress. And if this still doesn’t fix the issue, it’s better to uninstall the application and reinstall it.

Clear Google Play Services Data

If the three aforementioned methods failed, it’s time to try the fourth solution: to remove all Google Play Services data, which will delete all preferences and settings, but luckily, they will be easy to assign after this procedure. In order to do this, you will head to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services and on the App info page you’ll tap the Manage space button. A new screen will appear and you’ll tap Clear all data, but you will be warned that you’ll permanently delete all data. Ignore this message and tap OK to proceed.

Reset App Preferences

By going to the Settings > Apps > All and resetting the app preferences, your apps’ settings will be brought to square one. However no data will be deleted, so if you’ve saved any progress, it will be safe.