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The Sims 4 has been getting many extension packs recently, one better than the other at adding dept to the little Sims. Yesterday, Sims developer, Maxis declared that they will expand the gender customization features found in the create-a-sim mode, thus allowing players to use all of the clothing options for their Sims, regardless of their gender.

By that we mean that if a player wants their male character to year jewelry and high heels then it’s completely possible. The same goes for female Sims – it the player wants to dress them up with a male three piece suit, it can totally be done.

It took over a year to create this mode, because every piece of gender specific hairstyle, clothing and accessories had to be modified – and they total to about 700 items. Those items were a combination between content that existed in the game at the beginning and content that was added later via extension packs. Every extension pack had a theme and introduced a wider array of items.

Lead producer, Lyndsay Pearson says that this will give players the opportunity to create any story that they want for their Sims or live a virtual life however they see it fit. She also stated that the Sims devs are constantly conversing with the players who demand more and more everyday.

As a result, the developers have a long list of items that could be included in the game and the entire list was created based on player suggestions. Even the changing of the gender restricting character customization options came from the requests of several players. In order to make those changes, Pearson said that they first consulted with the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) in order to make sure that those changes were respectful.

However, the Sims is not the only game out there that features gender fluid creation options; there is also Sunset Overdrive.