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Earlier this week, the current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has announced some breathtaking news. Apparently, the Nexus phones won’t be entirely made by Google in the future – and they may not run pure Android anymore.

nexus phones announcement

How is this even possible?

Big News For The Future Nexus Phones

Well, according to the sales and popularity of the Nexus phones, although they are a great bang for the buck, they have been scoring low against models such as the iPhone 6s and the S7 edge. And yes, while we completely understand that the Nexus phones have an entirely different focus, you probably know that Google wants to be the best in everything.

As Pichai announced during an interview at the Code Conference, Google’s plan still focuses on making phones. However, they will invest more efforts in the Nexus phones and products – and more specifically, their features. The design, on the other hand, will me more thoughtful. And let’s face it – the Nexus phones definitely need it.

Here is a video of the interview with Google’s CEO posted by Recode that took place at the Code Conference.

Nexus Phones And Android – Will They Support Each Other?

Obviously, the biggest news when it comes to future Nexus phones – is the Android compatibility. As Google’s CEO announced, the Android for Nexus phones will get more features in the future – but may also suffer a major revamp. However, one thing is certain – it won’t be the stock Android many fans are hoping for – and may even be removed on the Nexus devices and replaced with a new system to be tested.

nexus phones

The fact that Google and Android are like Saturday and Sunday lets people wonder why this happens to the Nexus phones. However, bright future is ahead of us – with many novelties and new features for Nexus users.

Speaking of which…

 Are The Nexus Phone Fans Going Crazy?

The theory behind buying a Nexus phone is simple. People love the Nexus phones because of their limitation of Android – and the fact that they are the devices that are first in getting every new update. That being said, the Nexus devices are really unique – and the people that use them know what they have in their hands. Now, it is up to Google to make this worthwhile.

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