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There were a lot of leaked photos giving us the first looks on the iPhone 7 Plus we desperately expect to come. Along with the recent rumors coming along with the leaked photos, Apple is working full-steam ahead of September and the official new iPhone 7 release.

The standard two models – the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will obviously run the same software which will hopefully be tweaked to the latest trends. However, there are some great rumors about the iPhone 7 Plus telling us that this model particularly – will come with two big hardware upgrades.

From Memory To Design, The iPhone 7 Plus Will Be Great

According to many rumors, Apple is mostly working on the storage options. The iPhone 7 Plus model will therefore have a greater entry-level storage, starting from 32 GB instead of 16 GB. And seriously, for a phone that powerful, what is 16 GB?

Yes- the upgraded storage space is the one big announcement for the newest iPhone 7 Plus model. And the second one basically says that the new iPhone 7 Plus will be thinner than its predecessor and have an advanced camera. Will it support higher resolutions or introduce new features – it is up for us to see.

iphone 7 plus leaked
The ‘iPhone 7 leaked photo’ circling the Web these weeks.

You certainly think ‘What’s the big deal now – these rumors are already known to me’.

However, the dual camera setup and the advanced storage options are not something that you hear every day. And when you start hearing them each and every day, they are probably becoming true.

Smart connector on the bottom, special and unique accessories, a dual camera setup and advanced storage. These are all amazing iPhone 7 improvements, right?

But…do you want to see how they may look like?

An Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Concept

In the end, we’d like to share a great concept of the new iPhone 7 Plus design – made after the leaked image that appeared a week ago. We must admit, it looks good.

iphone 7 plus
A great concept of the newest iPhone 7 Plus model. (Photo: YouTube/ Waqar Khan)

If this is the iPhone 7 Plus we are all expecting, will you buy it?

YES is our answer.