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Yes! Minecraft is now the second best selling game of all time, at over 100 million copies sold around the world. If you want a precise number, they’ve actually sold about 105 859 714 copies on a wide array of platforms: mobile, console and PC.

However, you’re probably wandering which is the number one best selling game worldwide, aren’t you? Well, while it may come as a surprise, the crown is taken by Tetris (also sold on all possible game platforms).

You’re also probably wandering how many copies has Tetris sold. Well, the answer is around half a billion copies. That’s a hard mark to hit for Minecraft, because it’s short on 400 million units so it probably won’t win the number one spot ever, even with an average pace selling of 53.000 units per day.

The next bestselling game, positioned right under Minecraft is Grand Theft Auto V which sold over 65 million copies. The list of bestselling games features many old and recent games which means that the age of the game or series is not a characteristic that ensures sales.

In order to celebrate the 100 million milestone, Microsoft has published statistics of the global game sales based on the platform. The region where all platforms are used equally is Europe: mobile (36%), PC (29%) and console (36%). On the polar opposite, platforms are asymmetrically used in Latin America: mobile (38%), console (47%) and PC (15%).

North America also acquired less game units for PC at only 19%, whereas 40% of the units were bought for console and 41% of them were bought for mobile.

Lastly, Microsoft also published the number of units which were bought by people in Antarctica. Can you guess how many? If you guessed four then you are a psychic and you should probably change you job. If you didn’t guess the number, now you know how many games can be sold in Antarctica.