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There are many speculations stating that the release of the most anticipated Apple device MacBook Pro 2016 will be sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. Ming – Chi Kuo, analyst from KGI Securities supports that theory.

And it would be about time, as the 13 inch Macbook Pro was released more than a year ago and its 15 inch variant was launched exactly one year ago.

However, there are other rumors stating that Apple will reposition the MacBook Pro 2016. Also, it is presumed that the MacBook Pro 2016 will receive the most significant upgrade any Apple laptop has ever gotten and that was designed to replace the less profitable device entitled MackBook Air.

Supposedly it will be lighter, thinner and it will sport a keyboard with a butterfly mechanism – which is wider than the normal scissor mechanism found in other computer keyboards and allows for a more stable key, while also taking up less vertical space.  In terms of specs, many analysts predict that the MacBook Pro will have a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, the latest Skylake processors and a 2304 x 1440 resolution.

Some people say that it will also have Touch ID technology but it’s very unlikely. It would be awesome though, if it did!

On the other hand, other users predict that the physical function keys will be replaced completely by an OLED display which, again, would be great to see, but there is no news or statement from Apple that anything like that will happen.

The KGI Securities analyst believes that there will be three MacBook lines – the MacBook Pro will enter the high end market, followed by the MacBook 2016 which will replace the MacBook Air on the medium level market and finally, MacBook Air which will be downgraded to the entry level market. The latter will also cost less.