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The awaited Facebook Messenger version for Windows 10 Mobile has been finally released, and it’s ported from iOS. This means that all features available in the iOS version are available in Windows 10 Mobile, such as the possibility to create and join groups, to edit group info, to send GIFs, stickers and more. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger Beta for Windows 10 Mobile.

Currently, Windows 10 Mobile is installed on the following devices: Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL, BLU Win HD LTE x150e, BLU Win HD W510U, BLU Win HD LTE X150Q, BLU Win JR x130e, Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 550, 635 (1GB), 636 (1GB), 638 (1GB), 640, 640 XL, 650, 730, 735, 830, 929 (ICON), 930, 950, 950 XL, 1520, Mouse Computer Madosma Q501 and Xiaomi Mi4. So, if you own any of these phones and you’ve waited a Facebook Messenger version for Windows 10 Mobile, then you can head to the Store and download the application from there.

The list of features include:

– Push notifications, so you will never miss a message;
– Live tiles will notify users when they have messages waiting for them;
– Send photos, videos and GIFs;
– Stickers that can be inserted into conversations;
– Read Receipt, which will allow you to know if your messages have been read;
– Group chats with friends from your list;
– The possibility to forward messages or photos to people who were not added to the conversation;
– A Search option, to easily find people from your list or whom you want to add to your list.

Yesterday, Facebook Messenger has introduced new emoji, increasing the total number to 1500, and they bring diversity. Until now, the application was considered sexist, because it didn’t have too many female-oriented emojis, so now, women have greater roles (a police office, surfer, swimmer, runner, dancer etc.). In addition, users can also choose from new skin tones.