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Facebook Messenger is promoting all races by introducing emoji with various skin colors. Diversity is the new trend and since there are 900 million active users, they will be happy to hear that developers have brought new designs and the new emoji reflect better gender and skin tones. The version for iOS already came with racial emoji last year and Facebook will be adding new designs for Android, later this year.

So, the latest update of Facebook Messenger will make women feel better about themselves, as they will be put in more roles and we’ll mention “a female police officer, runner, pedestrian, surfer and swimmer”. Jonas Downey, co-creator of told USA Today that “Using emojis to communicate has become its own language really, so of course people want to extend that language and have more dialect,” and if until now, there have been some variations that led to misunderstandings in meaning, Facebook has decided to make some changes.

This means that all emojis will look the same on all supported platforms and users think that homogeneity is a great thing. Messenger product manager Tony Leach has added that “this will be one of the first times that people will be able to use an app on the Web, iOS and Android to set the color of the skin tone of a lot of the emojis.”

So, there are 1500 new emoji approved by the Unicode Consortium, which are an addition to the old yellow-colored emoji. Now, there are five more options that users can choose from and once selecting the desired skin tone, it will be the default for the emoji that will be used from now on. And if the user gets bored of the current skin tone, he/she can change it in the Settings menu. Also, female users have previously requested a red head emoji and Facebook has fulfilled their wish.