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As we all know by now, Android N will be released sometime this year and you’re probably wandering when you’ll get it.

At this point, the Android N OS is still in the beta phase, and during the many previews released so far, developers have had the chance to get acquainted with the new features and to have time for constructive feedback. This means that there’s time for Google to make the OS the best one yet.

In the meantime, many users are guessing what the ‘N’ in Android N stands for and so far, the general consensus is that it stands for Nougat.

Another interesting piece of news regarding Google releases is about Google Home which is said to be very similar to Amazon Echo – it will be places in your home and you can request almost anything from it and it marks Google’s entry onto the AI market.

However, let’s get back to the release date information.

When will you be getting Android N?

According to the schedule for Nexus, the final Android 7.0 build will be released either in August or September.

Obviously, Nexus based devices will be getting it first. Other Google hardware partners will get it later and here is when we believe it will come to their devices based on their track records of implementing Android updates.

Samsung Android update

When Android Marshmallow was released, it took Samsung five months to roll it on its devices. This means that if you own a Samsung device, you’ll most likely get Android N sometime in 2017.

HTC Android update

In comparison to Samsung, HTC rolled out the update at only two months after its official release which can definitely be considered a fast response. Also, it means what you could be getting Android N on your HTC device sometime in December 2016.

Blackberry Android update

Blackberry has a worse Android updates release track record than Samsung and it you own one of its devices, you’ll probably be getting Android N sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

LG Android update

LG is just as good as HTC when it comes to rolling Android updates so it’s very possible that your LG device will get Android N as soon as December 2016.

Huawei Android update

Huawei is so far the fastest Google partner to have rolled out its Android updates – in the case of A. Marshmallow it only took one month to roll it on its devices. So, it you have a Huawei device, you’ll probably be getting the update in November 2016.

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