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Good news for everybody! Amazon is now upgrading their Fire HD 10 with new features. Fans will be happy to know that besides the usual black and white colors available for the models, they will also be able to buy a silver aluminum metal case version of the tablet at the same price, of almost $300.

The company seems to have made some changes in what concerns the storage too, offering a new 64 GB version, besides the normal 16 and 32 GB. And surprisingly, this costs the same, around $290. Moreover, you have to know that Amazon is also offering unlimited storage on their cloud for free, so make sure you choose the best storage option for yourself.

Many people love the Amazon Fire HD 10 because it has an amazing battery life and offers an easy way to access anything on Amazon. However, there were some voices that criticized the fact that it’s kind of slippery and even hefty, having low cameras and a “grainy” screen. Besides, other users have complained about a clunky form, the low quality of the screen (especially when compared to other products on the market) and a relatively high price if you think about it.

However, if you are looking for a tablet that has a large screen, this is more than perfect for you, with its 10 inches option. In fact, it is the largest display you can find on any of the Fire devices. Last April, the company revamped their cheap Fire device and offered more storage options, together with more colors such as tangerine, blue and magenta. They also added a 16 GB storage option for almost $70, while also keeping the 8 GB model for $49.99.

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