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Until now, only fans of Microsoft who own a PC have been able to load up the game, find a server and play mini games made by fans. They went through competitive survival tests and fought against their friends. Console owners were envious because they didn’t have access to this feature. Now, they do and developers are bringing new mini games to them. “Battle” is one of them.

Mojang, Microsoft and 4J Studios have been very busy lately, as they worked on new free content for Minecraft: Console Edition and a week ago, they announced the first mini game that will be introduced to Minecraft players on Xbox 360, Xbox One and other consoles. “With our new mini games, we’ll be helping you quickly and easily jump into competitions with tailor-made rulesets, so you can have fun straight away without having to fuss around with manual count-downs, laboriously prep loot chests or keep score,” said the developers.

4J Studios, the Scottish video game development studio located in Dundee and East Linton, will release “Battle”, an eight-player deathmatch where players fight using survival, speed and strategy. The game will arrive as a free update to the console editions of Minecraft and as we were saying, it will be played by eight players who try to eliminate their enemies until one of them will remain standing.

After they’re out of the game, defeated players can still watch the game as spectators, but they will take the form of a bat and they’ll fly around the arena. In online mode, players have the matchmaking option, so they can find other members in the community to play with, while in split screen mode can play four players.

Battle will have three maps to explore, but developers will bring additional map packs and they will cost $2.99. Some maps will be based around the Greek Mythology and Fantasy texture packs and they will include traps that players will be able to trigger.

Also, it’s worth saying that the latest snapshot that Mojang has released is 16W21B and it comes with many bug fixes.