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Back in April, 2K Games has announced the Mafia 3 Collector’s Edition, which claimed that it will cost 150 dollars once it will be released. Unfortunately, the publisher of the game didn’t give any information about what it will contain.

Well, it seems that, now, the publisher found the right time to reveal more information about the collector’s Edition of the upcoming Mafia 3 game. Along with the game, you will get a 56-page art book, the soundtrack on vinyl, a faux leather drink coasters and dog tags for main character Lincoln Clay. As expected, the Mafia 3 Collector’s Edition will contain the DLC Season Pass, but there is no information about what and how many DLCs will be released for this game. Mafia 3 is without any doubts one of the most expected games in 2016, as it comes with stunning graphics, gameplay and, we hope, an awesome story.

Here is a gameplay video of the upcoming Mafia 3 game:

We remind you that Mafia 2 was a real success and when it was released, it was one of the most played games all over the world. Well we have some good news for the Mafia 2 fans, as the game is being re-released for PC on Steam. In order to mark the launch, the game and its DLC are reduced by 80%. However, this offer will end on June 8, 2016, so if you want to purchase this game, you should do it before that date.

The Mafia 3 will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and OS X on October 7, 2016. So, if you haven’t played Mafia 2 until now, we suggest you to purchase and try it out, as there is still a good amount of time until Mafia 3 will hit the stores.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Mafia 3 game?