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The last week was one pretty interesting when it comes to iPhone 7 rumors, since people are getting more and more creative at this. If you are already familiar with the rumors, then you must know that people are speculating about a 3.5 mm change in the phone.

Removing the classic 3.5 mm jack in the new iPhone 7 is a daring change Apple could make. Since most people use this type of input, it will become a problem when users will want to listen to music or play some media on their devices without everybody around them to hear. Of course, there could be other solutions too, such as switching to a Bluetooth headset or pair the iPhone 7 with special earphones.

China has already seized the opportunity and has started to design a conceptual adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm input. Macotakara, for instance, is one of the companies that wants to capitalize on that, and if you visit their website you can see they have other potential solutions, such as Lightning earbuds. This will in fact be a great solution, since it will save you the effort you make with an adapter.

There are people who seem unhappy with this potential change, since they were attached to their traditional type of earphones, and so these improvised solutions could work. But on the other hand, there are people who are willing to take up a challenge and move to the next type of technology at the cost of several dollars extra.

However, rumors about Apple excluding regular earphones for the next generation of iPhones is not new, and whether they will choose the option of eliminating the 3.5 mm jack or a different one, people will have to seek for other solutions to use their old earphones on a new phone.