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A few years ago, when manufacturers have doubled the internal memory of their phones from 4GB, customers were excited that they’re getting more space to install more applications and to save lots of photos and videos. Then, slowly, smartphones came with higher resolution screens and better cameras and photos with higher resolutions occupied more space, so the internal memories were increased again. But there are still many users who haven’t upgraded their devices yet and they’re running out of space pretty often. The good news is that Google Play will help them to make space by suggesting them to uninstall rarely used applications.

Google has introduced a new tool in the Play Store which will help users who don’t have enough storage left to get rid of unused applications. This feature has been in the works since last summer and Google hasn’t announced its roll out, but reports suggest that users from all over the world already received it.

So, how does this feature work? When trying to install a new update on your device, but the memory is insufficient, the Play Store informs the user about that and it suggests a list of less used applications. The user will choose which application to uninstall and will free up some space, allowing important applications to get updates.

At this point, the feature is focusing only on applications, but it could also expand to old photos and videos that users no longer need. We remind you that the latest Google Play update is 6.7.12 and comes with some of the beta testing options that have been removed in the previous update, such as the Beta tab, which is now placed under the My apps & games section. The installation file has 16.09 MB in size and it has also bug fixes and other improvements.