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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online open world third person shooter video game that has been published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Massive. The game was firstly announced during the E3 2013, but it was launched this year on March 8. The game has received many positive reviews and it was a real commercial success and Ubisoft will need to make the game bug-free and to fix all other issues in order to keep the big amount of players that have joined right after the release of the game. After the first week, the game has generated about 330 million dollars globally, which, without any doubts, it’s great!

On April 5, 2016 The Division has received the first free DLC that was named “Incursions”, which allowed players to access a new incursion Stuyvesant, where they were able to get high-end items. On 23 May, 2016, the game has received a new free DLC that came with a new Incursion mission called Clear Sky and it is located in Columbus Circle, where players can get some awesome loot.

The Division update 1.05 has just been released for the PlayStation 4, which will fix the double UI issue that many players have been talking about. Unfortunately, this problem is on the Xbox One console as well, but there is no ETA on when the patch will be released for Microsoft’s console. The new patch is quite big, as it has 4.5GB in size, but according to Ubisoft, this is just fixing the double UI issue along with a teleport issue that was causing High Value Targets to not reset properly. In other words, they have updated the current files that players already had on their console in order to fix this issue and this is the reason why the update is so big.

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