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The May update that Supercell has released for Clash of Clans didn’t please all players, as some of them have complained about the excessive notifications which are considered to be distracting. In order to make things right, the developer had to bring an optional update that will allow players to set notifications timeinterval to 12 hours.

Supercell hasn’t completely messed things up with the May update, as it came with new features such as new troops and spells, as well as some game improvements. However, the thing that pissed off many players was the flooding of notifications they kept on receiving every few minutes. Yes, notifications are very important, but if they’re delivered too often, players start to get mad and can’t stand them anymore.

So, the developers had to fix this problem, by releasing an optional update that will spare them from being terrorized by excessive notifications. iDigital Times has reported that the update will allow notifications or reminders to be displayed every 12 hours, while a Redditor claims that Android users are able to filter or limit the type of notifications and in order to minimize the reminders they receive, they will configure the Notification Listener and Tasker. This solution was available long before Supercell has brought the optional update, but not many users knew about it. As for the iOS users, they will have to wait for the release of a temporary fix of the issue.

Supercell hasn’t said anything yet about what will be improved in the game in the near future, especially that we’re already in June and a new monthly update will be released soon.

For now, players can enjoy the new Baby Dragon troop that is unlocked at TownHall 9 and which has the ability to get enraged in the absence of an air unit in the area.