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If you’ve been active on the internet lately, you’ve most likely come across the story of two people named Zahari, who left Utusan Melayu 35 years ago, they’ve never met, but live a kilometer away from each other. Currently, both of them are different kind of journalists: Zahari works for a newspaper group, while Shamsuddin is a press officer to a minister. They’ve found each other again in a WhatsApp group for Utusan Melayu reporters named “Buletin Suara Keramat”. They are two of the happy “cases” who were reunited many years later.

WhatsApp is the perfect communication tool used by everyone who owns a smartphone running on one of the six supported mobile platforms, and which is connected to the internet. The application is free, but it had an annual fee of 99 cents. Back in February 2014, when it was purchased by Facebook, WhatsApp had 600 million active users and now, its number has increased to 1 billion.

If you haven’t installed WhatsApp yet, most likely you’ll do it soon, because there are many friends from your circle who are using it and you’ll want to chat with them daily. However, there are high chances that people whom you haven’t seen in years, have a WhatsApp account and at some point, you’ll find them in some group created by common friends.

There are users who are members of tens of groups – for family members, people from the same city or others, and it’s nearly impossible to not find someone from your past. In 2014, users were sharing daily over 700 million photos and 100 million videos, 10 billion messages and 25 million people were registering every month.

WhatsApp’s developers have added many new features that made people ditch their messaging applications, as they prefer to make free voice calls to their friends who use this application. Also, they can send PDF documents, bold, italics or strikethrough texts, star messages for easier access, and soon, they will be able to make video calls, as well. If you have an Android device and want to install the latest beta update, you can download version 2.16.102 from the Google Play store.

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