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Owners of a galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will be happy to hear that Samsung’s game launcher and a screen overlay have been updated, and they come with new features. Both the Game Tools and the Game Launcher have been updated to version 0.0.26 and below we’ll tell you about the new additions.

Samsung has introduced a help section in both applications, where users have access to most frequently asked questions, a FAQ section and there’s a shortcut to a customer service contact form. The screen recording limit has been increased to 4GB. Previously, it was limited to 40 minutes, and this is a big achievement. Also, when you will record videos, the floating Game Tools button will become invisible, and you will get wider blocking coverage for “No alerts during gameplay”.

If you don’t know what the Game Launcher is, we’re here to explain you everything about this service. Well, its role is to group all installed games into a single folder, where you’ll find a Do Not Disturb gaming mode and some power saving settings.

Game Tools is actually a small floating button that is seen only in screen games and on which you will tap if you want to start recording or if you want to be spared from receiving notifications. Also, this button can be used to take a screenshot, to lock the recents and back keys.

Many people are hardcore gamers and they want to do more than to play games. They want to manage them, to handle alerts while they’re playing, to easily take screenshots and record videos. What they don’t want is to accidentally tap the capacitive buttons and interrupt their game, so with this feature, you will block them.

There are plenty tips and tricks that will improve your user experience if you have a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. You can adjust sound equalizer, notifications, block swear words, hide app notifications from the lock screen, identify unsaved callers etc.