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We all know by now that Android 6.0 (better known as Marshmallow) will not be released to Samsung Galaxy S4 users. While this piece of news struck a blow to S4 users, the reason given was pretty straightforward: the current Android version isn’t compatible with the Galaxy S4. In other words, it might be a death blow to your device if the update was rolled out to each and every device Android supports.

Then again, there is a faction of users who really want to test out the latest version of Android’s mobile operating system. Luckily for this group, there is an equally supporting community that allows them to do just that. But if you’re interested in doing the same thing, please be aware that it is at your own risk.

Sometimes, people like to experiment with their phones. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be it trying out a new app or altering the interface of a device, users have for years demonstrated a love for tinkering with their smartphones. But installing an OS that is technically not supported is a different matter altogether because it carries a far greater risk. One of the biggest ones is your device being rendered not functional after an update.

Android update through crDroid

But if you want to take the risk, one of the options you can go for is updating through crDroid. This is the most popular option available, but still a very risky choice. At CyanogenMod you’ll find a range of OS builds for every S4 model that has been released. So be careful in choosing which file you choose so you don’t run into any trouble with your device in the future.

Are there other options?

The beauty of open source software is that you have tons more options, as well as a community that’s willing to help. As such, here’s two different options for upgrading your S4 to Marshmallow:

  1. AICP. This is based on the Android Open Source Project and just like crDroid, this also features a repository where you choose which file you want to update your device with.
  2. Google Now Launcher. This will run instead of the launcher your Samung phone came with. In other words, it replaces that launcher entirely. Through this, you get Marshmallow wallpapers, icons and such without much tinkering. Essentially, it’s a cheat because it makes it look like you’re running Marshmallow but you’re really not.

These are your choices but the final decision is up to you. Decide whether it’s worth it to risk your phone for what Marshmallow brings or just stick with the current system your S4 has.

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