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Pokemon is nostalgic and the arrival of Pokemon GO has got different generations excited. Ever since the game was announced to leaked screenshots to the release of new information, avid fans have gobbled any information they can get. But when will the wait finally be over?

Does Pokemon GO have an official release date?

The game is set for a release in the second quarter of 2016. Niantic, the game’s developers, have also been testing the game since March of this year. They started field tests in Japan where local players registered to play with Pokemon GO. Just like any testing case, this was done for the game to spot any issues and to get recommendations from gamers. This way, the final product that will be rolled out will be something that Pokemon fans and other gamers will also like.

Niantic CEO John Hanke also gave a talk at SXSW where he discussed Pokemon GO. That event looked to be the first time details about the game were unveiled to the public. This was supposed to happen after the first field test in Japan but the talk was canceled.

A couple of days after the talk at SXSW, Niantic formally unveiled the first screenshots from the game. The photos showed that users can capture, train and use their Pokemon’s to fight, and getting them requires exploring the world. Also, items can be purchased from various Poke Stops which are set in real places such as landmarks, monuments and museums.

Field tests around the world

The month of April saw Pokemon GO being tested in Australia and New Zealand. One of the testers took to reddit to discuss their experience and added that more features will be added to the game. According to the tester, all 150 original Pokemon will be featured but that Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu and Squirtle will be hard to find.

The US played host to Pokemon testing in May. After testing in other countries around the world, Niantic expanded tests to the US to get more feedback so they can improve them game.

Just wait a little longer

Fans have been buzzing ever since the game was announced but developing a product that fans will love and newbies will come to enjoy is a difficult task, and one that takes time. However, we should all be delighted that Pokemon GO is in the beta stage. That just means waiting a little longer before the product is finally stable and good to go. Who knows? It may just truly drop in the second quarter of 2016.