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If you are a fan of the iPhone 7 and are waiting for the numerous iPhone 7 leaks, here is one of them.

According to the latest iPhone 7 rumors, it is finally confirmed that the engineers working on the newest iPhone 7 have finally found a way to make people want the iPhone 7 more. In fact, the new iPhone 7 will get rid of one of its biggest cons when it comes to the user feedback: the storage.

Will The New iPhone 7 Come With A Greater Storage Space?

Yes, that is right. The brand new iPhone 7 will fix something that everyone hates about the existing iPhone 7 models – the lack of storage. Basically, seeing that the model got so advanced over the years and improved when it comes to features, it is still absurd if we get to see the newest iPhone 7 with a flaw in the storage.

iphone 7 storage full
Let’s face it – no one likes this window popping up on our screen, but the latest iPhone 7 can finally solve it.

Ever since the iPhone 4S, every single iPhone model has featured (only) 16 GB of storage – a feature that dates back to 5 years ago and the release of the 4S model. Today, having 16GB of storage on a smartphone packed with insane features is similar to putting an average engine in a sports car. Well, at least from our perspective.

More interesting is the fact that Apple started to focus more on 4K video with its latest 6S model. Obviously, the iPhone 7 will support full 4K resolution videos and that being said, must have a solid backbone for that – which is in other words storage way over the 16GB limit.

iphone 7 storage problem
Oh no, these apps take way more than they should…

iPhone 7 Storage Space Vs. The Cloud: A Big Dilemma

According to MobiPicker, Apple has joined the big leagues this year when it comes to storage, and will ramp up the entry-level iPhone 7 with greater storage support. And even though the entire mobile world is moving on the cloud progressively with each release, storage is still something every mobile user cannot live without – especially when it comes to installing the iPhone 7 apps.

Other rumors say that the newest iPhone 7 will come with a 256 GB storage option available, which is something making the hardcore iPhone fans drool. In the end, it is up to us to wait for the ”official” announcement directly from Apple on the storage – or at least a new iPhone 7 rumor that is actually more factual. However, a greater storage space is certainly what every iPhone 7 user-to-be should expect.