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Everybody has been hyping over the two most recent phones that have come out the market recently: the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S7. Let’s face it, they are both excellent phones and their features are top tier, but most people don’t have enough money to buy two, so they have to settle for one of them. The choice is hard, but here you have some main comparison points.


Everybody agrees that both phones have a modern design, though not very different from the previous versions of the phones. However, the iPhone is lighter and sleeker, though the difference is very small. On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 is made of glass and metal, which makes it mark easily. Its curved back makes it more comfortable, plus it has no camera bump.


The Galaxy S7 display is somewhat bigger than that of the iPhone, though not significantly. The screen however is 18% bigger, it has 5.1 inches, as compared to the 4.7 inches from Apple. It has a super AMOLED display and an impressive resolution of 1440×2560, which is also Quad HD. The density is 577 ppi. The iPhone has a density of only 326 ppi, and an LCD setup, just like it had in 2010 too.


Obviously, the S7 comes equipped with the latest version of Android, the 6.0 Marshmallow, plus the TouchWiz skin. However, this might raise some issues, since they will have to update the skin with every software update. Meanwhile, the iPhone keeps the same simple and friendly interface. The ninth version of the iOS is already installed on the phone, but you can upgrade it by yourself to 9.3. Later this year, Apple will release the iOS 10, so stay tuned!