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Finally, it’s happening. Just when people thought a jailbreak of any kind will not happen since 9.0, iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak happened. It may confirm that the 9.3 version is dead, which everyone had been afraid of, but it’s better than nothing at all. And no, this is not another hoax, but what could be a legitimate jailbreak from Pangu at

Before you get too excited, know that this jailbreak tool only supports 64-bit devices. This means all latest iPhone 6 devices and iPhone 5S. If your mobile device is not on the list, the long wait will continue. This jailbreak tool also supports iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Mini 4, 3 and 2, and iPad Pro.

Also, this jailbreak will not be released anytime soon for a particular reason. More on that later. I know. What’s the point, right? But knowing a jailbreak is in the works is better than nothing at all. How much more rumors can you take?

How do you jailbreak your iPhone?

  1. Look for the Find My iPhone feature on iCloud and turn it off.
  2. Disable the passcode, so the device will automatically restart during the jailbreak process.
  3. Put your device to airplane mode.
  4. Using a data cable, plug your device to a Windows computer.
  5. Open the jailbreak tool, and then connect the data cable to your iOS 9.3.2 device.
  6. When the software detects your device, click the Start button to begin the jailbreak process.
  7. A jailbreak message notification will appear telling you to back up your device data, turn off iCloud, passcode and Touch ID, and turn on airplane mode.
  8. To continue the jailbreak process, click on the button that says Already Backup.
  9. Your device will restart several times during the jailbreak process. Just wait for the Pangu app to show on your springboard.
  10. Wait for the Pangu software to prompt you to tap on the Pangu icon before you do.
  11. When prompted, tap the Accept button, so that the Pangu app will have access to your message app. The jailbreak process will continue after this.
  12. When a message Jailbreak Complete appears, open Cydia on your iPhone and wait until your iDevice restarts.
  13. And you’re done.

Your phone is officially jailbroken. But because iOS 9.3.2 version doesn’t work with Cydia yet, it won’t be made available to the public. Now you know. But what are the odds that connection to Cydia will be completed very soon?

So to the question is an iOS 9.3.1/9.3 jailbreak on the pipeline, the answer is likely a no with the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak out.