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May has ended and gamers who haven’t had the chance to get May 2016’s free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles can forget about the four games that are now back to their normal prices. Four other games will be available for free in June and we’ll tell you about them below.

In May, Xbox One owners were able to choose between these free games:

– Defense Grid 2, whose normal price is $15 was available from May 1 to 31;
– Costume Quest 2, with the same price, but which will be free until June 15;
– Sunset Overdrive, normally costing $20, was free between April 16 and May 15.

Xbox 360 owners had only two games to from:

– Grid 2, with a price of $15, which was free between May 1 and 15;
– Peggle, normally costing $10, it was free between May 16 and 31.

Now, it’s the first of June and a new promotion has started. Microsoft has brought a new selection of free games via Games with Gold.

Here’s what you can play on your Xbox One console:

– Goat Simulator ($9.99) until June 30;
– The Crew ($29.99) from June 16 to July 15.

On Xbox 360 are available for free the following games:

– Super Meat Boy ($14.99) until June 15;
– XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($39.99) from June 16 to June 30.

In Goat Simulator, you will cause as much destruction as possible, while playing as a goat. According to the game description, Goat Simulator “been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. Destroy things with style, such as doing a backflip while headbutting a bucket through a window, and you’ll earn even more points! When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.”

The Crew is about driving cars, tacking challenges across the map, infiltrating underground racing teams and defeating criminal groups while playing as Alex Taylor.

Super Meat Boy is “a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who’s trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux.”

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will send you into the future and you’ll fight against aliens that invade Earth. You will control an elite multinational paramilitary organization called XCOM and you will try to defeat invaders.

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