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It’s that time of the year again – waiting for the Apple conference to happen. And in the meantime, the ‘leakers’ are doing everything to not let us thirsty for new specs, features and designs that may appear on the latest Apple models.

And aside from the iPhone 7 rumors that are believed to be true, there is a lot of talks about the latest 2016 MacBook Pro. So, what’s buzzing around?

Yes, The New 2016 MacBook Pro Will Be Different

Wait, what kind of different?

Well, it definitely won’t have a touch OLED keyboard like the rumors said a week ago. At least not according to the latest MacBook Pro leaked photos that say a lot more about its keyboard – and ports.

According to these leaked photos of the 2016 MacBook Pro, we can see a difference in the speaker grilles, switches, ports and keyboard. Here are the leaked photos of the chassis, officially reported by Cult of Mac.

Here is the leaked photo of the MacBook Pro 2016 chassis:

2016 macbook pro chassis
Credit: Cult Of Mac

The New 2016 MacBook Pro Will Have An OLED Touchpad

No, it’s not the OLED keyboard we were writing about, but a brand new OLED touchpad that Apple has been working on. Motivated and inspired by the success from the Force Touchpad, Apple will definitely present a new touchpad technology in the MacBook Pro.

Also, we can see four USB-C connectors in the leaked photo of the 2016 MacBook Pro (see the photos below). This is definitely great news to all Apple fans struggling to find a new plug for their chargers, USB devices and other gadgets.

This is probably how the MacBook Pro will look like from the front and rear sides:

2016 macbook pro leaked
Front Photo Of The 2016 MacBook Pro (Credit: Cult Of Mac)
2016 macbook pro
Rear Photos Of The 2016 MacBook Pro (Credit: Cult Of Mac)

According to Cult Of Mac, these photos are sent by an anonymous person working in Apple’s manufacturing headquarters in China. As you can see, there is a new cutout on the MacBook Pro 2016 – more precisely its keyboard, where the function keys normally sit – but are replaced with an OLED touchpad.

A Final Word On These MacBook Pro Leaked Photos

We personally believe that adding a new OLED touchpad is the revolution the newest 2016 MacBook Pro needs. First of all, it is a handy feature to have – but also a great way to customize the keys you mostly use for the ones you don’t. Also, it will maybe allow us to add shortcuts to specific apps and programs and let us enjoy the Mac OS in a new way.

However, the fact that there are 4 USB connectors and a headphone jack – and no HDMI port at all – still bothers us. Will we see more than just these ports?

This is a question only Apple can answer on its annual WWDC 2016 Conference held by Apple in San Francisco in mid-June.