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For a limited time, a few paid iPhone and iPad applications will be available for free. It’s not sure when they’ll return to their normal prices, but why not taking advantage of this offer, since you don’t need to pay anything for these applications? Below, we’ll give you a list of applications that we think they’re worth installing.

Aerium ($1.99)

This is a weather application that will alert you when it will rain in your area, being capable of making predictions a day ahead. It has awesome swipe navigation, the temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, it utilizes minimal system resources and it gets weather data from

Private for Messenger ($0.99)

It’s a standalone application that can be used instead of Facebook Messenger, but, actually, it’s a Facebook Messenger lock. It can be used to lock the application when it enters in background mode, but you can also do it manually, by tapping the Lock Button in Private for Messenger or by pressing Home button or Power button. If someone wants to use your phone and you don’t want him or her to access your Messenger, this application will keep it locked.

Universal Search Engine ($0.99)

With this application, you will no longer need to open different search engines to search for information. Universal Search Engine gets its information from six search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo,, and and top results from them are showed within the application.

Instant Translate Pro ($1.99)

It supports over 100 languages and it instantly translates words and phrases. It’s a very useful tool, which will help you communicate with people from all over the world, whose language you haven’t learned yet. This Pro version of Instant Translate is ad-free and some of its features include 3d touch support, transliteration, offline history of translations and text-to-speech with controllable dictation speed.

BeFunky Pro ($1.99)

Want to edit your photos before posting them on social media websites such as Facebook? BeFunky Pro has many effects and it will make your photos look amazing. You don’t need to register, just run the application and start using the photo editing tools. With it, you can create dynamic collages with up to nine photos, touch up your photos, overlay shapes and patterns onto your photo, insert stickers etc.