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The newest ASUS Zenbook 3 was announced a few days ago at the latest Computex conference, along with the AMD Radeon VR card and a lot of other novelties in the tech world.

We must say, the Zenbook 3 is a model that is really special. Read below to find out why.

asus zenbook 3

ASUS Zenbook 3: What’s It Like On The Outside

The first and main feature of the Zenbook 3 is its ultra-portability. The model is as light as a feather, weighing only 1.2 kg including its polymer battery. Its dimensions are as impressive as its weight – particularly its ‘thickness’ that measures only 12.3 millimeters.

So yes, the ASUS Zenbook 3 is a 1-kilo and 1-centimeter laptop you can carry around with you everywhere.

Its design, on the other side, is something that makes you powerful – and something that poses a threat to Apple and its MacBook design-wise. Made of the (ultralight) aluminum alloy, the Zenbook 3 is shiny and features metallic rings on its cases.

Zenbook’s display is covered in Gorilla Glass 4 and is slimmed down when it comes to the bezels. The model features 3 ports – a Thunderbolt USB C for charging and has a cooling fan that measures only 3 millimeters. Impressive enough, isn’t it?

It is also available in three colors: Quartz Grey, Royal Blue and the famous Rose Gold. Apple fans, keep on reading.

asus zenbook 3 colors
The ASUS Zenbook 3 comes in three color variations: Quartz Grey, Royal Blue and Rose Gold.

ASUS Zenbook 3 Specs: What’s It Like From The Inside?

Many people compare the Zenbook 3 with the MacBook. And while they are similar when it comes to the ultra-portability, they don’t run the same OS – and they are not the same when it comes to specs.

The ASUS Zenbook 3 can be configured with an intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 1 terabyte (1TB) of SSD – in the highest configuration possible. Battery-wise, the charger can juice it up to 60 percent in 49 minutes, whereas the battery life should deliver around 9 straight hours of typical usage.

So, Should You Buy The Zenbook 3?

Well, this time of the year is a bit spicy when it comes to laptops, mostly because of the prices. Not to mention that Apple is releasing the new Macbook Pro 2016 in 2 weeks or so.

asus zenbook 3

However, the ASUS Zenbook 3 is definitely a good choice if you want a thin and portable laptop that runs on Windows. Performance-wise, it is definitely something to hold onto, having in mind its powerful RAM and storage options.

The overall handling and experience is also something to consider as great. The metal case is comfortable and less sturdy than the previous models. For a laptop this thin, it made us think how can an Intel i7 processor fit inside. Not to mention the other microscopic components making it really special.