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Google has a penchant for wonky naming standards, particularly when it comes to their Android mobile operating system. Take what happened with version 4. While the tech giant has definitely stuck with naming their product after sweet treats, they did it for the iterations and not the major versions: 4.0 was Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.1 to 4.3 was Jelly Bean and 4.4 was KitKat.

However, Google did revert back to standard starting with version 5.0 which was named Lollipop. And just this year, they released Android version 6.0 which was given the name Marshmallow. With Android N surely coming “in the summer,” according to Google’s announcement at their recent I/O conference, what is up with this Android 6.1 update?

A “relatively minor update”

Late last year, rumors spread about Google working on split-screen multi-tasking support for Android, and that the update will be called Android 6.1. Version 6.0 of Android was only released in October of 2015, while it has definitely been more than six months since its release, is Google really rolling out a 6.1 with version 7.0 coming along in the summer?

Apparently so, according to some sources., citing their “trusted sources,” have claimed that the tech giant would release 6.1 in June of 2016. While not much buzz has surrounded it, it might be safe to say it will just be a minor update and just be named as it is, Android 6.1.

Google playing catch up

What you notice about Google is it plays catch up in some instances. For instance, the 6.1 update is rumored to have split-screen multi-tasking support, a feature that has been implemented by competing smartphones for a while now.

Google is just catching up now, but they always add something to make it better. Apart from the split screen, 6.1 is also said to feature a new permissions architecture. The tech giant might have changed their mind after good reviews came in for Pixel c, and now, they’ve decided it would be a good thing to integrate split-screen functionality to their products. With this change, Google’s tablet sales performance might just as well improve.

An official release date

Nothing has been announce officially but tech insiders believe that the update will be rolled out sometime in June. So users with phones that were upgraded to Marshmallow can keep an eye on this one.