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We already talked reviewed Nvidia’s latest GTX 1070 and 1080 models. However, there are a lot of novelties by their biggest competitor, AMD. The latest announcement at the Computex press conference has revealed a brand new Radeon RX480 video card – or in other words, one of the first cards capable of running VR games on headsets.

The Radeon RX480 VR Video Card: What’s It All About

The newest VR graphics card by AMD, the Radeon RX480 is available in two configurations – 4 GB and 8 GB. It will officially hit the market on June 29th with a price of only $199 for the basic 4 GB model.

AMD has proudly unveiled their brand new Polaris architecture which successfully marked a fourth generation of their renowned Graphics Core Next technology, also known as GCN. With a power draw of 150 W, it is a less powerful option than the bigger Radeon 7700 cards – however a cheap and affordable option to make the most of your VR gaming.

radeon rx480 vr

The new Radeon RX480 VR card will support games on HTC’s Vive and Oculus’ Rift headsets at a cheap price of $199 for the basic 4GB model which is probably something every VR gamer can allow.

Radeon’s Biggest Selling Point With The RX480 Model

Undoubtedly, the main focus of the Radeon RX480 VR card is its price – which is a selling point and a potential magnet for all gamers entering a new experience. Currently, there are video cards that cost around $300 and fit the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The Radeon RX480 VR card will change that with its entry level price of $199 and high-end graphics that are powerful enough to handle both of the headsets.

radeon rx480 vr announcement
The official announcement of the Radeon RX480 VR Card

We already know that when compared to NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 and 1070, the RX480 model comes as a real bargain. This has been AMD’s strategy – lowering the cost of entry to VR for consumers and targeting an entire new marketplace of VR gamers willing to try out a new experience.