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Using a WhatsApp native desktop client has its share of pros and cons, especially for people who spend most of their time using their computers or laptops, instead of their mobile phones. With a desktop client, you will never have to miss a WhatsApp message or call again. Despite your busy schedule, you can still stay connected.

It is also one way to stay in touch with friends and family if using a mobile phone or Facebook is not allowed at work. Because it isn’t browser-dependent, you can still use it even with a broken browser. This is something you can’t do with WhatsApp web.

But the downside, if you ever consider it as such, has something to do with its aesthetics. In a nutshell, it doesn’t look as pretty as WhatsApp for Windows phone. If you’re after functionality instead of the visual setup, you won’t be bothered one bit about how basic and simple-looking WhatsApp’s desktop client is. This may have something to do with the fact that the desktop app is WhatsApp web with a few customizations.

But for every problem there is a solution, and for WhatsApp desktop client there is Whatsie.

This third-party app is developed by the same people who made Facebook Messenger for desktop. Whatsie works similarly to the WhatsApp native app in the sense that it simply customizes the web version and presents it as a desktop app that can be used outside Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Does it work like Whatswrapp in the Windows store? Yes and no.

No, because it allows you to it change the theme according to your preference. You can choose from any of the 7 themes, which is in addition to the main theme you can set for people who send messages at night. Some of your options include sepia theme, dark theme, pure White theme, and orange theme.

In terms of functionality, it still offers toast notifications, and an option to launch Whatsie on Startup, or have it sit on top of the Windows 10 notification bar.

Because the app is not available on the Windows store app, you would have to visit the developers website and download and install the app from there.

Can you have Whatsie on your Mac or Linux computer? Yes. It also works with OS X and Linux. Some of its packages are even compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and CentOS.