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We’ve talked a lot about the PlayStation NEO, sometimes called the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K. This rumored console has yet to be announced, but is supposedly an upgraded version of the PS4. Games will be released with a “NEO Mode” to make use of its increased power. We’ve discussed its rumored features, the possibility of it being in competition against the Xbox One Scorpio (which is also a rumored console), and the controversy its theoretical existence has caused.

But what do you think about the PlayStation NEO?

To some players, it is a good thing. It will mean playing games with better graphics and performance due to NEO Mode, much like upgrading your computer for PC games.

To other players, the NEO is a bad thing. It’s a new console before the console’s life cycle is over, an upgrade that goes beyond a redesign and could change the way video game console life cycles world, and a system that will make them feel they’re playing the “inferior” version of games if they stick to the basic PS4.

And of course, some players don’t care. To them, the PlayStation 4 NEO isn’t a betrayal or anything that will detract from their gaming experience, but it isn’t something they need to buy, either.

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Do you want a PlayStation NEO? Are you looking forward to E3 2016 in the hopes they’ll announce it there, and if they don’t you’ll be looking ahead to future gaming events (and the rumored October announcement) for the day it’s finally unveiled? Are you hoping the PlayStation NEO is just a myth or misunderstanding, and nothing would please you more than if Sony came out and debunked the claims entirely?

Are you waiting to learn more about the system and the exact improvements it offers before you make up your mind? Or will the PlayStation NEO not affect you in any way?

And finally, if you don’t have the PlayStation 4 yet and want one, are you waiting for information about the NEO before you decide what to buy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.