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There has been a rumor going on stating that Google will unveil the latest Android operating system – Android N – at this year’s I/O event. However, there are many recently launched devices that don’t even run Android 6.0 Marshmallow; the last Android based OS to hit the market and users are still waiting for it to be released to their devices. Here are the presumed timeframes of Android Marshmallow releases for a variety of Samsung Galaxy devices on carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular and AT&T.

Although it hasn’t quite brought Marshmallow to its 6th generation of devices, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S7 soon and it will come with Android 6.0.

However, if you happen to have the newest model of a Samsung device, you should go to the Settings menu and then to System Updates to see if you are able to download Marshmallow. Depending on what carrier you have, you could be eligible for it right now, or later.

The latest news on the matter states that the Android Marshmallow can already be downloaded on Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Edge Plus if your carrier is T-Mobile, US Cellular or Verizon. Phone Arena also mentioned that the upgrade finally came to AT&T.

As for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Marshmallow upgrade seems to have come only to Sprint and Verizon. There is no news on when it will be released for AT&T, US Cellular and T-Mobile. There are also reports that Marshmallow is running on Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE in Korea.

Galaxy Note 4 will supposedly be getting the upgrade on all of the carriers in May and the older generation of Samsung Galaxy such as S4 or S3 will most likely not get the upgrade but the A and J-series along with the Galaxy Tab S2 will certainly be getting it.

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