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Google Maps shouldn’t miss from your Android device if you’re travelling a lot, as this mapping application will get you out of trouble every time you’ll have problems finding the best route to reach your destination. Google has “stuffed” a lot of information about streets, stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters and parks in this application and if you’re planning to visit certain destinations, you can find them using the built-in search tool. Below we’ll tell you about the rest of features offered by this application and the latest update that was released for Android phones.

If you’ve already stepped into your car and you’ve set off, on your way to your destination you’ll be tempted to stop for a coffee or to eat something, or to visit a tourist spot. These are extra stops and you’ll find plenty suggestions in the latest update to Google Maps for Android. These places will be easy to find on the map, no matter if you’re driving a car, or you’re a pedestrian or a bicyclists.

Last year, Google Maps came with a search-along-route option that helped users to find gas stations or cafes while they were driving. This is the only thing users had to complain about: that the feature was limited to drivers and Google has corrected it with version 9.26.1. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re bicycling or on foot, you’ll get all suggestions from the driving mode.

Also, the user interface has been changed and you’ll get information about popular places, or those that have been recently added to the application and which are in your area.

There will be many other new features added in the near future and some of them might have received the green light to be added in the next version. However, these are only rumors, but you should know that some possible new features that you might see soon are an offline mode extension, which will warn you when you’re heading to an area of poor cellular coverage and a “Discover” tool that will look into your usage history and offer you destination suggestions.