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Prior to the release of Update 1.2: Conflict for Tom Clancy’s The Division, we talked about how it was meant to improve the end-game. At the same time, we noted that the planned changes weren’t received with universal love from players, especially in regards to the Dark Zone.

Still, no one could have imagined how poorly the update fared.

The content of Update 1.2 itself wasn’t the problem, but the bugs it brought with it. Bugs and glitches appeared throughout the game. Daily Missions didn’t properly update. And in the worst of cases, some players’ characters disappeared.

Since then, The Division has been patched to address the greatest concerns, but things still aren’t as good as they could be. In the most recent news, the team is working to fix a bug that caused the game’s UI to double on the screen.

It’s good that these issues are being solved, but has Update 1.2 actually done more harm than good? Bugs can happen to any game, but this situation has left many players uncertain about what to expect in the future. There is paid DLC coming out in The Division’s near future, and some players think it might be a better idea to wait until they know the DLC doesn’t add more bugs.

Not everyone was pleased with The Division at launch. Even the developers acknowledged that the post-game left much to be desired, which was one of the motivations behind Update 1.2’s new content. However, when the update meant to please disgruntled fans causes bugs, it can lead to even more displeasure. That seems to be what happened here. Some players lost faith in The Division.

Nevertheless, the actual content in Update 1.2 seems to have been well-received, although changes to the Dark Zone are a little controversial, as some players don’t like the changes made to extraction. Still, the bug issues continue to overshadow the update itself.

If you’ve played Tom Clancy’s The Division since Update 1.2 hit, what do you think of it? Were you affected by the bugs, and does that affect your overall view of the game? What is your overall impression of The Division right now?