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It seems that Facebook now wants its users to broadcast their action on the go, whenever they want. Well, the Facebook Live feature is now rolling out on Windows 10 tablets and computers.

We remind you that before it was released for computers and tablets, this feature was available on smartphones. Back in April 2016, this feature made its way to smartphones that were running on Android and iOS.

How You Can Access The Facebook Live Feature On Your Windows 10 PC/Tablet

If you are an owner of a Windows 10 computer or tablet, you will be able to access the Facebook Live feature by hitting the “Livestreaming” icon that is found on the “Update Status” box. Here, you will also be able to find other app functionalities such as image sharing, emojis, location and more. Until now, Facebook hasn’t made any official announcement about when this feature will be available for devices that run on OSX and iOS or tablets that run on Android OS.

It is good to know that the Facebook Messenger will also be released for Windows 10 Mobile devices, but, first of all, developers will need to fix some bugs and improve the application’s overall performance. We remind you that the Facebook Live is one of the most used features from this social platform, as famous TV/radio shows have started using it along with celebrities all over the world. After a Facebook Live ends, the video is uploaded to Facebook and it is posted on the wall of the person who has held the live show.

There will be more and more users who will start accessing the “Facebook Live” feature. We are pretty sure that there will be celebrities who will use this feature almost daily (most likely in the morning or evening), showing what they are doing, what plans they have for that day etc.

What are your thoughts about the Facebook Live feature?

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